Wajir records two new virus cases, total rises to 15


Wajir recorded two more cases of coronavirus, raising the county’s total number of the disease to 15.

This is out of the 48 samples that were tested in the last 24hrs at Wajir Referral Laboratory. The two who tested positive are adults age 29  and 49yrs respectively

One of the cases has a history of a recent trip to Somalia and the other one traveled locally to Meru.

Meanwhile, 31 people have been discharged after completing 14 days of mandatory quarantine. 7 from KMTC in Wajir East, Habaswein, Wajir South 8, Diif Wajir South 8, and Dadajabula, Wajir South 8.


Speaking at Wajir County Headquarters, Governor Mohamed Abdi assured that he will support Wajir residents till the last day.

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