Wajir community radio convened a prize-giving ceremony today at its studios. The prizes were awarded to the winners after stiff competition during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Wajir community fraternity joined the winners during the celebration and encouraged, appreciate them for the great achievements.

The Ramadan religious competition winners were;
1. Miami Ahmed Abdullahi (Mushtaq)
2. Adam Ahmed sheikh (Abu Mansoor)
3. Hussein Mohamed Ali (Sahnuni)


The first winner was awarded cash worth 26,000ksh and a Towhid book. Second and Third winner we’re awarded 15,000ksh each and a Towhid book.

However, Radio station Manager, Halima Kahiya thanked Sheikh Suleiman Antar who assisted the host as a co-host during the Caweyska program that starts from 10 pm-12 am Midnight. ” We appreciate your input during the Holy month of Ramadan, may Allah reward you for your noble work..” Halima said.


Suleiman was also acting as a judge during this competition, He was awarded 10,000ksh as an appreciation.

The station Manager thanked Zakaria Khasae and Dr. Abdullahi Yussuf for their philanthropic support also recognized their efforts during the NORTH EASTERN WOMEN ASSOCIATION (NEWA) for their generous contributions. The station manager also appreciated the tireless staff who made the radio programs a success.

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